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Our Story


Established in 1988, Petsmore has been started as a traditional pet store in Kuala Lumpur.

After years of painstaking operation, post-transformation, and transformation into a modern chain operation, it gradually become a leading chain store with 20 branches throughout Klang Valley.


The company is named Petsmore, and it is dedicated to "Pet Duo Duo" in Chinese. “ Duo Duo “ means more and more, there will be more care and attention to pet owners


Petsmore is more than a pet store, and we must live up to our name. We are a pet-care retail chain and everything we do is guided by our vision and mission for healthier pets and satisfaction pet owners.


Today, Petsmore has led to be the one-stop purchase and service provider in the pet industry.

In addition, Petsmore has been the sole agent of market leading and well know food brands for cats, dogs and small animals. Beside dealing with healthy food, nutritional product, and pet accessories also available storewide.


In line with business expansion plan in recent years, there has been more diversified service to cater to pet owners, this includes the facilities of pet SPA, pets grooming and trimming services, pets boarding and swimming pool for pets to play with. This series of facilities are served by professionally trained and caring staffs.


Every pet owner nowadays who patron at Petsmore will enjoy a happy shopping, hassle free and joyful shopping experiences.


In addition to the experience of shopping at the physical stores, pet owners could enjoy the similar promotion discount through the online shopping convenience of Petsmore mobile app and surf for more products information via our website as well.


The LOVEMORE membership program is a loyalty program been launched by Petsmore since 2013. The benefits of members are not only enjoying great discounts on merchandise, but also the delicate grooming packages for the pets. It can be said that the LOVEMORE membership brings lovely shopping experience, and every pet owner should sign up for one.


Petsmore will not satisfy with the status quo and determine to continuously expending more branches and is aim to become the largest pets’ chain store and the first choice of pet care retail chain store in Malaysia!