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Corporate Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy

Corporate Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy


Our Vision

To be the largest pet retail chain in Malaysia by 2030



Our Mission

Bring L.I.F.E to the world of pets.

Every living being in this world has a precious life. It does not limit only to human being but also pets. So we are here! Pets complete our life. That is why we want to add value to have a better life quality for our pets. It is everyone continuous effort to provide pets a family. L.I.F.E has no meaning until the meaning you give to it.


Our Value

There are the values we practice in the organization, lead by leaders : S.P.I.R.I.T









Our Philosophy - To Deliver Happiness

To Our Employees

  • We cultivate the sense belongings of all employees in the company with the aim of providing long-term career rather than a job. 
  • We develop our employees through learning organization with the aim to built them to have competitive edge.


To Our Customers

  • We provide reliable brand and value of money products and services despite educationg our customer on related information.


To Our Suppliers

  • We promote our suppliers' brands so we can grow together in the business.
  • We appreciate trustworthiness in business and built long-term business partnerships with our suppliers.


To Our Shareholders

  • We are committed to ensure the trust they have placed in us is upheld at all times by providing a fair return on investment and enhancing brand equity and corporate value.


To Our Franchisee

  • We provide resources for effective business operations.
  • We provide expertise and technical support for leverage purpose.


To Our Society

  • We create pet care awareness and friendly environments in society.
  • We enhance loving relationships among mankind.